Gratefull Gardens
Address: Mcminnville McMinnville, OR, 97128
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Phone: 816-419-2638
About Us
Tawna and Clay are first generation farmers who are celebrating the end of a successful second season. Originally from Kansas City, we left everything we knew in 2012 to travel the country through the WWOOF (World Wide Oppurtunities on Organic Farms) program. What started out as a cheap way to travel and educate ourselves on homesteading turned into a burning passion for growing food and providing nourishment for the community. We were lucky enough to find the beautiful farm in McMinnville, Oregon that we lease now, while we were traveling. When we first visited we definitely never thought it could be possible but in November of 2014 we moved to McMinnville to fulfill our dreams of growing food to sustain the community. Thus Gratefull Gardens was born and has been providing healthy organic food for the community ever since.
Our garden is about 1 1/2 acres this year. We are lucky enough to have 3 greenhouses which has been great for our season extension capabilities. We grow most vegetables you can think of, specializing in crops that you can make pickles and salsas or sauces with. We also have several fruit trees on the property including apples, cherries, pears, and figs. Another summer delight we are fortunate enough to enjoy are Concord grapes and tons of berries! We Raise laying hens for delicious free range eggs. (With yolks so rich and orange you almost can't believe it.) We also raise chickens for meat although mostly for ourselves right now. We have a sow and breed piglets for meat which we sell as half and whole hogs. And last but definitely not least we have bees which do the most incredible job of pollinating all of our crops. We try to provide as rounded of a diet for ourselves and the community as possible.
Gratefull Gardens is committed to providing the highest quality product, using the most sustainable practices possible to nourish all of the members of the community. Although we are not certified (due to the cost) we practice organic methods to grow all our crops and raise all our animals. We are committed to using Non-gmo seeds and feeds for all our operations. We don't use any Chemicals of any kind, and you will in fact see us hand picking bugs off in the summer time. We also practice preventative pest management by attracting beneficial bugs and insects who prey on bad guys. We add tons of compost throughout the season and as we transplant to help feed the plants. We also practice zero waste on our farm to help lower our carbon foot print and keep waste out of the landfill.