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Sun Gold Farm
Contact: Charlie, Vicki and Chris Hertel
Address: 6995 NW Evers Rd Forest Grove, OR, 97116
Phone: 503-310-2403
About Us
Welcome to Sun Gold Farm! We are a small, sustainable family farm located in the beautiful, fertile Tualatin Valley near Forest Grove, Oregon, USA. We are actually located nearer to the small Dutch community of Verboort, where four generations before us have farmed and cared for the land. Our farm lies along West Dairy Creek, probably named because of the many dairies that used to be in this part of the county. We have two natural wetlands on our farm, and plenty of wildlife. But mostly, we have vegetables, fruits, plants, and full days of work. We are very lucky to enjoy what we do for a living!
Sun Gold Farm is owned and operated by Charlie and Vicki Hertel, and their son, Chris. Commercial crops are Timothy hay. Our primary source of income is through the production of fresh market crops that we sell farm fresh to you, the consumer, at various farmer's markets, and through our "Harvest Club." Our farm does not use GMOs. We are careful to grow our produce without pesticides. Crops are rotated for soil health and since our farm was historically a dairy, there is plenty of organic matter in the soil. Weeds are controlled by mulching, rototilling, hoeing, and going down on our knees and pulling!