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Oregon Meat Co - Rossallini Farm
Contact: Sarah Ballini-Ross and Tyler Ross
Address: 41354 Shindler Bridge Dr Scio, OR, 97374
Phone: 503-970-2529
About Us
Rossallini Farm is a small, pastured livestock and poultry farm that offers responsibly raised meat direct to our local community. We offer 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, and pasture raised, non-GMO fed pork and poultry. Rossallini Farms is a part of the Oregon Pasture Network. Our farm produces some of the Willamette Valley's finest meats including: beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken and rabbit and is sold under the Oregon Meat Co brand name. Our farm is located in the beautiful Willamette Valley situated just a few miles outside of Scio, Oregon.
Rossallini Farm is a multi-species, pasture raised livestock farm located in Scio, Oregon. We harness the power of soil biology and sunlight to grow healthy pasture by avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizer and herbicides. The livestock on Rossallini Farm are the tool we use to harvest the nutrients from lush pastures and return them back to the soil. Our healthy pastures, combined with non-gmo, locally grown forages and feed, produce some of the highest quality, nutrient dense meats in the Willamette Valley as a byproduct. We have chosen breeds that are best adapted to thrive on our property so our animals can be as happy and stress free as possible. They live a peaceful life here followed by one bad moment. We are members of the Oregon Pasture Network.