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Lil Starts
Contact: Lillian Matlock and Luke Klimaszewski
Address: 1304 NE Gertz Rd Portland, OR, 97211
Phone: 503-893-8073
About Us
Lil' Starts is a small husband and wife owned and operated farm located at Headwaters Incubator Farm in Orient, OR
Owners Luke & Lillian Klimaszewski, along with their amazing employees/co-farmers, wholeheartedly believe in sustainable and natural growing methods. That's why they only use non-GMO seed stock and their plants and produce are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Lil' Starts grows, raises and sells nursery plants as well as produce. You can find us at Montavilla and Lake Oswego Farmers Markets or order from our Online Farmstand for delivery to most Portland zip codes or free pickup at our NE Portland site. Lil' starts offer 3 different CSA program- Main Season Veggie CSA, Winter Veggie CSA and a live plant Gardener's CSA for Portland's backyard gardeners.