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Campfire Farms
Contact: Christina + Zach Menchini
Address: 18232 S. Valley Vista Rd Mulino, OR, 97042
Phone: 720-207-8117
About Us
Campfire Farms is a family farm located in Mulino, Oregon. We raise heritage breed pigs, Peking ducks, and chickens on pasture. We are committed to providing our animals with the highest quality of life while they are with us, caring for our soils, and supplying our community with sustainably raised meats with excellent flavor. We believe that meat from animals given a comfortable life is part of a healthy diet and agricultural system. We are proudly carbon negative!
Our animals are raised on entirely pasture and are rotated regularly to new pasture for both animal health and soil health. We are restoring our pastures to a dynamic silvopasture after having been in Christmas tree production for decades. We rotate our animals quickly to minimize compaction and spread their manure, which increases soil fertility. We have planted fruit and nut trees as well as a mix of annual winter crops to reduce erosion, create shade and provide additional forage for our animals. We feed our pigs and our poultry a no-corn, no-soy feed from Union Mills in addition to what they forage in our fields. When it is available to us, we feed brewers grains and seasonal produce.