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Stoneboat Farm
Contact: Aaron and Jesse Nichols
Address: 10850 NW Jackson Quarry Rd Hillsboro, OR, 97124-8119
Phone: 503-647-7406
About Us
Hello! We are a sustainable vegetable farm in Helvetia Oregon (just north of Hillsboro). Over the past years we've steadily increased our winter farming know how and products and we're happy to join Friends of Family Farmers and the Hollywood Market to bring you a chance to buy in bulk for the winter! We sell most of our veggies through a winter CSA and at the market but we grew extra this year, just for you! Of course the market runs all winter but save yourself a few heavy loads of squash and buy those storage goodies now!
Many folks have come out to see our thirty acre farm for a tour or a CSA pick up and we love being a part of the Portland are community. On our farm you'll find the turkeys we raise for Thanksgiving and to keep animals on the land as part of our veggie management strategy, our Great Pyrenees dogs who guard the farm (well, mostly our porches), a stream habitat we are restoring in collaboration with the conservation district, fields of cover crops, and of course lots of veggies.
Our farm sits on old nursery ground and we have been steadily rehabilitating it since we got here six years ago. That means no artificial pesticides or fertilizers (we were once certified organic and, though we no longer pay for the certification, we have the same practices) and very careful attention to soil quality and micro nutrients. Every year we test the soil and add a variety of rock powders to carefully balance nutrients - our veggies grow well, they taste great, and they are packed with nutrients. As we've worked more with winter veggies, we've learned a few tricks and management techniques to make those veggies keep. We use a rock powder that contains a lot of silica to help build strong cell walls in our winter squash and we manage our farm for plant diseases that reduce storage life to ensure we'll have great veggies all the way through to March. If you store them right, you can eat all winter and into the spring!