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Lackner Family Farm
Contact: Cindy Lackner
Address: 43350 E Bilyeu Creek Drive Scio, OR, 97374
Phone: 503-509-3487
About Us
Our small family farm is nestled in the Cascade Foothills of the Willamette Valley. We have a 10 acre orchard of Certified Organic Sacajawea Hazelnuts, with 17 more acres coming into production soon. Our family has been farming in Oregon since 1884. We have only recently gone nuts with our filbert orchard. We are hoping to cultivate our customer base along with the growing orchard! Our family is dedicated to raising the highest quality product and our orchard has been managed with organic practices since the very first day it was planted. The varieties we planted are prized for their excellent “Italian” flavor profile, thin skin and high oil content, making them an outstanding choice for roasting, snacking, baking, candy making, a delicious raw or roasted treat. The possibilities are limitless!
We so value our local community food system and are not willing to simply send our precious nuts to the other side of the world. This leaves us selling our own nuts, and we are not in the marketing business, so please forgive our humble attempts.
Certified organic through Oregon Department of Agriculture. Multi-generational small family farm.