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Fiddlehead Farm
Contact: Katie Coppoletta and Montana Reeve
Address: 33200 SE Stevens Rd Corbett, OR, 97019
Phone: 503-756-1054
About Us
Fiddlehead Farm is a women owned and operated, first generation farm, growing over 200 varieties of mixed vegetables. Our farm is located in beautiful Corbett, OR and is Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. We specialize in high quality produce and love what we do!
We are certified organic and don't use any synthetic fertilizers or GMOs. We are dedicated to resource conservation, and as farmers we have strived to make this a focus in the way we have developed the land and the business. We have installed hedgerows for native pollinators and wildlife, use cover cropping and mulches to protect the soil, and reduce our water usage with drip irrigation. We are in the process of installing solar panels and rainwater catchment systems on the farm. We strive to be not only good employees but good mentors, teaching our employees the skills needed to start their own farming operations.