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Shimanek Bridge Farm
Contact: Kendra and Ivan
Address: 39006 Richardson Gap Rd. Scio, OR, 97374
Phone: 503-997-7438
About Us
We raise meat goats, cattle, and pigs on our small family farm in the mid-Willamette Valley. Our farm includes a 12 acre forested wildlife reserve along Thomas Creek and over 50 acres of diverse pasture that we rotationally graze to promote animal health, carbon sequestration, clean water, and wildlife habitat. Our name comes from the iconic Shimanek Covered Bridge, which crosses Thomas Creek at the edge of our property. We are located upstream from Scio, Oregon, the 'Covered Bridge Capitol of the West,' about 20 miles southeast of Salem.
Farm Practices: Multi-species rotational grazing; pasture-raised and finished; no pesticides or herbicides