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Silvernail Farm
Contact: Ian Silvernail
Address: 36435 Devitt Road Blodgett, OR, 97326
Phone: 541-602-4188
About Us
Silvernail Farm is a small pasture, forest, and orchard-based livestock operation located in Oregon's Coast Range Mountains. We raise goats, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. We are a family of four, including two young, lively children who take part in this farm every day.

We aim to cultivate health and well-being for the people in our community, our natural environment, and our animals themselves. We are committed to raising livestock in a humane and gentle manner. This means providing plenty of room to roam, food that fits each species' natural diet, and gentle treatment at all stages of life.

We believe that with effort and attention, agriculture can be a form of responsible and regenerative land stewardship.
We strive to make our farm a beneficial part of the larger ecosystem. We do not use synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. We protect and augment populations of native wildflowers and plant flower resources that are beneficial to a wide variety of insects.

We grow and raise a diversity of species, breeds, and varieties, and work to creatively integrate our livestock and crops. With rotational grazing, our animals improve the soil by improving nutrient cycling, and when managed appropriately their presence helps keep pests, diseases, and weeds from getting out of hand. We're grateful for the contributions that our animals make to the resilience of this farm.

Our goal is to provide food for our community, build healthier soil, improve our resilience, while providing and protecting habitat for the wild plants and creatures that also call this land home.