Canby Farm and Kitchen
Contact: Natasha Dison, Nathan Preston
Address: 8962 S Heinz Rd Canby, OR, 97013
Phone: 503-308-3839
About Us
11 acre no spray produce farm located in Canby, Oregon
We are an eco-conscious, regenerative and sustainable farm. We absolutely do not use any type of pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide; in fact we don't spray at all. Our practice of planting crops in the correct season helps us to avoid insect pests; we also attract beneficial insects such as green lacewing, ladybugs, and bees by planting certain species of flowers, as well as barn cats that control the mole and vole population along with barn owls, eagles and hawks. We practice crop rotation, green manuring and hand weeding in order to ensure that our soil is fertile every year, all of our seeds are sown by hand, each plant is planted by hand, and every vegetable and fruit is harvested by hand at it's peak freshness and ripeness only days before being sold.