Carman Ranch
Contact: Cory Carman
Address: 67357 Promise Rd Wallowa, OR, 97885
Email Address:
Phone: 503-550-6318
About Us
Our family has raised cattle in Northeastern Oregon’s Wallowa Valley since 1913. In 2003, we began selling 100% grassfed beef from the native rangelands of our region. Today, we are a collective of multi-generational family ranchers who share a passion for the stewardship of our land, local communities and the production of quality beef. Every animal is 100% grassfed and finished, raised exclusively on free-range pasture and locally grown hay, and never treated with antibiotics or hormones. The secret to our exceptionally tender, delicious and nutrient-dense beef is the exacting standards in our breeding and a perfect diet made possible by the soils and climate of the glacier-carved valley surrounded by the Wallowa Mountains.
We are deeply committed to regenerative agriculture, which helps build soil and our rural communities. We raise 100% grassfed and finished beef, and heirloom pastured pork in Wallowa Valley. Our cattle are born and raised on family ranches and humanely harvested. They don't eat grain or grain by-products and are never confined. We feed our pigs non-GMO local wheat and barley, and raise them on pasture, with plenty of room to roam.