Sun Love Farm
Contact: Melissa Streng
Address: 15030 S. Brunner Rd. Oregon City, OR, 97045
Email Address:
Phone: 914-536-1024
About Us
Sun Love Farm is a certified naturally grown farm in Oregon City, just outside of Portland, OR, that specializes in growing a wide assortment of delicious vegetables throughout the year on an acre and a half of land .
Sun Love’s produce is grown with deep care and respect for the earth. All of the produce is "certified naturally grown" which requires the same standards as organic certification. We minimize our tillage as much as possible, protecting the soil and the critters living within. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used, we grow open-pollinated varietals whenever possible, annual cover crops are planted to keep the soil thriving, flowers are planted throughout the fields to encourage beneficial insects, and of course, love is given to every plant.