Red Bird Acres
Contact: Robin and Laura Sage
Address: PO Box 202 Philomath, OR, 97370
Email Address:
Phone: 541-250-2384
About Us

Red Bird Acres was founded in 2013 by Robin and Laura Sage. As former outdoor educators who remain passionate about the environment and its inhabitants, we consider our farm to be first and foremost mission driven. We believe in the importance of aligning our thoughts and actions: we began farming on the belief that it is necessary for environmental and human health to transition our agricultural system back to being based on small local economies where promoting human and animal health are at the forefront.

We are also inspired by our passion for great food. We strive to raise animals that have the highest standard of life and in turn produce meat that is unsurpassed in quality and flavor.

Our current focus is on pastured poultry and hogs. We operate our farm on leased pasture located between Corvallis and Philomath Oregon.
We believe in farming practices that go beyond organic and take a holistic approach that respects and fosters the health of the land, the animals we care for and the people who eat our food. Our livestock are raised using high-welfare, low-stress animal husbandry practices. We utilize a pasture-based, rotational grazing system for our animals and are Animal Welfare Approved. We supplement what the animals forage with locally grown non-gmo grains including peas, wheat and pumpkin seed.