Vibrant Valley Farm
Contact: Kara Gilbert
Address: PO Box 83835 Portland, OR, 97231
Email Address:
Phone: 503-544-5607
About Us
We are a group of dedicated farmers and passionate educators committed to exploring innovative solutions to enliven the current food system, both locally and globally. We work to honor ancient traditions in growing food and connecting to the land as well as to help create healthier communities. Our farm consists of three main focuses: vegetables, flowers, and indigo. This year we re-introduced our vegetable CSA (which sometimes includes Kiyokawa Orchard fruits), and continue to connect with several local restaurants and chefs to share our vegetable bounty. In addition, our successions of flowers have been shared with our CSA members as a weekly bouquet. We also continue to offer our flowers at the Portland Flower Market and to local florists. Lastly, Indigo has been an incredible teacher here on the farm. It provides an artistic space for us to use our skill base as farmers and dive into a market that is very different from vegetables and flowers. We are excited to continue to extract our pigment and share what we can through classes, workshops, art, design and launch a new brand, Vibrant Valley Blue!
We honor the integrity of the land we farm on with ecologically sound crop rotations, use of seasonal cover crop and water efficiency practices, continuously decrease the amount of plastic use, and do not spray or use any chemical based products in our fields. Our flowers are sustainably grown and we never use pesticides or herbicides. “No spray, No way!” We treat our flowers as we do the vegetables with the utmost care for the earth and for those that are handling and enjoying them as well. Most importantly, we strive to pay our employees a living wage because we believe that in order to move forward and sustain the small farming movement, we need to pay the folks working the fields a livable wage!