Foothills Honey Company
Contact: Joe Hansen
Address: 30576 Oswalt Road Colton, OR, 97017
Email Address:
Phone: 503-824-2265
About Us
Foothills Honey Company is a multi-generational family apiary based in Colton, Oregon. We spend spring, summer and fall pollinating crops for Pacific Northwest Farmers and harvesting our own crop of raw Willamette Valley honey. In winter, we try to get some sleep.
At Foothills Honey Company, we think of our bees' health in every decision we make. Whether we're pollinating nuts, orchard fruit and blueberries in the spring or setting hives throughout the Willamette Valley and Cascade foothills to produce our annual summer honey crop, we go to great lengths to ensure our bees are healthy, thriving and polite to our neighbors.
We take the same approach to the hive products we sell. Our honey is not heated beyond 95 degrees Fahrenheit (the equivalent of a hot day in Oregon) and is only screened for large particulates, ensuring that what we sell is exactly what the bees make in the hive.