Harcombe Farm
Contact: Paul Harcombe
Address: 30680 Horseshoe Drive SW Albany, OR, 97321
Email Address:
Phone: 541-928-3645
About Us
Our farm is located in the Willamette River bottom in Linn County, Oregon, between Albany and Corvallis. We are guided in our farming by a commitment to sustainability, local sourcing and selling, and environmental responsibility. We use only fertilizers and sprays approved for organic farms. We grow staple crops, including wheat, barley, dry corn, dry beans and squash. We mill our own stone-ground, whole-grain flour and polenta. Our products are sold in farmers markets in Lebanon, Corvallis, Newport and Portland.
We are certified organic, so we use only OMRI-approved fertilizer, cover crops, and crop rotation to manage soil fertility; we control weeds mechanically